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Love Potion Number 3

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LP Description:

This potion is based around Muscadine and Merlot, with Cocoa Powder and Cotton Blossom mixed into the women's fragrance.


I got this as a freebie in my order. I love :) LP Red and really like the Original and Pink too.

This one is very interesting. It smells like the Original LP with a hint of smooth wine and something else I cannot place. the cotton blossom mixed nicely and keeps the scent from being "gothy." This scent reminds me of a aloof woman. It's sexy but with an air of refinement and "cool." I don't smell the cocoa but LP is the only perfumery that can make cocoa and chocolate not turn odd on my skin.

#3 is what a woman would wear when she is playing hard to get. I picture a beautiful woman in a artsy, trendy and upscale bar sipping wine.she would be igorning all the men staring at her and refusing their offers of drinks. This is very pretty but not really me. I prefer in your face sexy and available. LOL I guess I am "easy" when it comes to fragrances.

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Great write up on this fragrance. I was just wondering last night about how this smelled. I think I'm going to request a sample with my next order. The cocoa powder blended with the regular LP base sounds really intriguing.


I tend to ignore men while I'm out anyway AND I drink wine, so this might be a perfect match for me. :)

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I did not get cocoa - i got nice frozen juicy purple grapes supported by the floral cotton blossom - very nice - so glad i got a bottle when it was on the going going gone list




This will be nice with sugared grapes - i shall add a swipe or two now

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I forget who it was who sent me the surprise sniffie of this, but many thanks! I knew I detected something grapey in here; sure enough, I looked over the notes and saw muscadine and merlot were on top. :D This isn't your run-of-the-mill grape candy and/or Dimetapp-type scent; it's a sophisticated, complex grape, deep like wine yet not in-your-face boozy like sniffing wine straight out of the bottle can be. I also knew I detected cocoa, and lo and behold, there it was. The grape and cocoa notes remind me vaguely of Cocoa Sauvignon, except this one is the opposite way around with more grape than cocoa. The "powdery" effect from the orange/cotton blossom isn't a baby-powder type thing, but more silky and soft, like fresh-washed skin. If I ever come across an extra hoarded bottle of this, let me just say it's a definite yes.

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