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Soooo incredibly luscious! Swirls of thick coconut cream and vanilla creme combined with fluffy cocoa butter and just a dollop of Twinkie filling-style hydrogenated coconut oil plus a smooch of sweet amber.

“I have a fantasy of being stranded on a island with a gorgeous guy who can never seem to find a shirt to wear, and we live on coconuts. I loooove coconut. I mean, sure, who doesn’t want steamy passion in the surf under a full moon with the hunk of their dreams, but if I could have that AND an endless supply of coconuts? I am so there!”


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

OCCO Limited Edition collection, July 2018


Just in time for those Summer shenanigans, it’s a Limited Edition collection of our Overt Cops for your Covert Ops! line of copulin-enhanced fragrances, with fun labels featuring Pop Art-style cuties! These scents are very rich and intense, all the better to disguise those cops when you’re on a mission to get some personal attention...whether you enjoy foody, floral, fruity or sexy, we’ve got ya covered!

Pheromone Enhanced with ESSENCE OF WOMAN™ 100% PURE COPULINS by Stone Labs.


A portion of all sales from this set will be donated to the following charities:
The Trevor Project
Planned Parenthood
The Human Rights Campaign
The Southern Poverty Law Center
Natural Resources Defense Council
The National Immigrant Justice Center


A total of eight charities for each of the eight OCCO varieties.  We have chosen these eight charities because they are actively working to repair the damage which the current administration has done with regard to human and civil rights, the rights of women, minorities, immigrants and the LGBT+ community, and Mother Nature herself. Thank you for joining us in donating!


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