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It is said the Sandman

comes to sprinkle stardust in your sleepy eyes

but Lady Luna

has far better delights for your dreaming mind.

She treads upon moonbeams

cloaked in velvet night

wearing a crown of shimmering light.

She comes to gild your imaginings

in moondust and the magic of Midnight.

So sleep without a care

you’ll scarcely know that she is there

as she sings to you of far-off lands and adventures to be had.

To live a thousand lifetimes

before the dawn breaks

and wakes you in this mundane life.

Close your eyes and

Lady Luna will send you on your way

with a cloud of moondust and the magic of Midnight.


When night has fallen and the full moon is your very own night light there’s nothing cozier before bedtime than a mug of deliciously steamy hot chocolate. Relax and enjoy the soothing comforts of powdered cocoa whipped within hot milk accord, sweetened with caramelized sugar, then dusted with dreamy drifts of powdered sugar.


MILK/BUTTER/CREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy.
CHOCOLATE/COCOA ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description and name: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Shannon Stamey

Autumn Collection, October 2018


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