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What would squished fairies smell like? Well, like this blend!


We had so much fun naming this, it just seemed a shame to not go with it.  I had this huge plot of acreage in Kentucky, in an area where the butterflies spawn. People would plant specific kinds of plants to attract the butterflies, and these gardens are known as Fairy Gardens.

We had a 12-year-old lilac bush that every spring would bring in herds of butterflies. You could walk out next to it and they would fly around your head, get in your hair, sit on your hands - it was incredible. 

We knew that whenever we weren't looking, the fairies would join the butterflies and have parties. Well, it drove the cats nuts. All they wanted was to get outside and have their way with the fairies.

Swishing feline tails on the windowsills signaled that there was more going on out in the yard than gentle springtime breezes. At night it just got worse, the fairies tore up my garden, taking all the roses with them and topping the buttercups, just leaving the stems. I finally had enough, and one night we let the cats out. After the carnage was over, we had a great potion that captured all of the qualities of the fey. Roses, chlorophyll, lilacs, and fairy loving flowers give this a wonderful watery green garden scent. But really, no fairies were harmed in the making of this potion. Well, no good ones anyway.


A fanciful powdery green floral for Women, from SINISTER GIRL™ Fragrances - A creepy little division of Love Potion® Perfume. Not dark magick, just a lil dark humor! ;)

I fill my garden with flowers and sweets to lure the little suckers in. Then, late at night, when I hear the irritating squeaks of a fairy soiree, that's when I let the cats out. "Bring them to me, bring them to me, little kitties!" I stuff the tiny creatures in a sack, then dump them in the tub for squishing. Bare foot, like wine. Oooh!...fairies squish green! But some of that green might be due to the flower stalks still gripped in their desperate little fingers from their fruitless resistance against the kitties. Then it's into the pot to be stewed. Afterwards the pulp is strained and the result is a lovely clear greenish gold syrupy liquid that gives off a delightful fairy sweet and flowery aroma! Ingredients: Squished Kentucky Fairies, Stolen Fairy Dust, Crumpled Flowers and Stems, (including honeysuckle, roses, daisies, violets and geraniums), oh, and Cat Saliva. heheh.


Magical Properties: Soothing, Calming, Happiness, Good Fortune, Lasting Pleasure, Psychic Communication, Wishes Granted
Notes: Lilac, Honeysuckle, Violet, Roses, Basil, Sweet Dill, Sweet Pea, Daisy, Lily of the Valley, Dandelion, Geranium, Sage & more.


Created by: Danna & Mara

Label art:



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