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Archive: Love Potion: Number Three (aka Love Potion #3)


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A matched set ~ A Scent for Women, and a Scent for Men!


Love Potion®: #3 was created as a matched set, so that adoring young couples could wear them together and they would blend and compliment each other beautifully. These are youthful, playful, sweetly delicious and evoke the need to kiss the wearer immediately and repeatedly!


They are based around Muscadine and Merlot - which are both the scent of grapes. The former being a sweeter, more candy-like grape (as used in Poison by Christian Dior), and the latter being of course that of a dark, musty wine.


The female scent is then topped with a delicious light powdery Cocoa Powder and Cotton Blossom, which has a powdery orange aroma. When the topmost fruity notes burn away, one is left with a delightful slightly-sweet, multi-layered powdery scent. The male scent has the addition of deep masculine greens and woods, plus the powdery scent of Oakmoss. It's a seductively yummy scent - the smell of 'real man' and honey-dipped grapes.


So if you're feeling the need to do something silly like going out in public with your sweetie-pie wearing matching outfits, which will no doubt earn you years of ribbing from your friends, try instead wearing these matching scents. All the satisfaction of doing something goofy together, but now you'll be the hippest couple in the room. ;)


Magical Properties: Affection Returned, Feelings of Love, Fertility, Eternal Youth.
Notes: Muscadine and Merlot - topped with Cocoa Powder and Cotton Blossom in the Women's variety, and masculine greens and woods in the Man's variety.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: "Springtime" by Pierre-Auguste Cot


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