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"Oh great one Anubis, accept me and find me worthy to enter the great beyond, find no fault within me, for this is the truth my soul speaks."

I love stuffing mummies on a cold winter night, it keeps my hands warm, and provides me that extra credit towards my Egyptology Degree. Really though, mummies were preserved with the fragrant spices and flowers of Egypt. I spent time in a museum once that had several mummies on display, and you could just make out the faint scent of the earth, and what lies within.

I was doing research for one of my stories about Egyptian funereal rites and spells of the afterlife. I discovered that the ingredients used in the ritual of mummy stuffing was actually quite a lovely combination, also used as offerings to the Gods, and to perfume ancient homes, temples, and even Cleopatra's barge.


Created out of the spices and flowers of life, including Cardamom, cassia, linen, wine, and myrrh.


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art:


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