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Revered as an ancient god or a modern-day superhero...being the Guardian of the Seas is a pretty important job, when you consider that more than half of the surface of the Earth is covered by water. And if you desire to channel some of the power of Poseidon’s trident to make it through the challenges of your everyday, look no further than our refreshingly sheer lemony aquatic scent, perfect for the workplace but also more than appropriate for casual gatherings with friends and anyone who might want to get to know you better.

An easy to wear blending of sunny lemon and bergamot with succulent notes of watery greens and cactus, plus the aquatic freshness of seamoss, ozone and a hint of salt. To enhance your personal power we’ve included a dose of our exclusive CHARISMA pheromone formula, featuring a blend of the three pheromones naturally excreted by a healthy adult male, in the exact optimum biological ratio, but greatly amplified. The effect is a perfect chemical message to those around the wearer that he is "more than" the next guy. Center of attention, worthy of trust, bankable, attractive...a superior man, worthy of success in every venture, public or private.

LEMON ~ Energizing, uplifting. Longevity, faithfulness, fidelity, friendship. Used to attract spirits.
BERGAMOT ~ Relaxant, confidence builder. Uplifts emotions, protection, attracts riches. Mental alertness, energizing.
CACTUS ~ Protection, endurance, warmth, love, inspiration, sacred gateway to the spirit world.
MOSSES ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Unconditional love.
WATER ACCORDS ~ Cleansing, purifying. Fertility, Goddess energy, fluid of life. Renewal.
SALT ~ protection, purification, grounding. Resurrection, baptism.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Lynyrd-Jym Narciso

Pherotine collection, February 2019


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