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Skull Orchard has several meanings:
*As a graveyard.
*As a warning, (many a native peoples slaughtered invaders and hung the skulls of their enemies from trees or off posts as a warning that they would not go without a fight)
*And, as a very delightful beverage!


Another name for a graveyard, a 'Skull Orchard' is also what Apple Trees tend to look like when the fruit is allowed to shrivel and remain on the tree for the winter. Apple ice wine (the German and Canadian "Eiswein") is created with those frozen fermented apples. Our wintery-humoured but delicious scent combines these darkly wonderous elements...Apples, Caramelization, Ices, Sugars and Mulling Spices... ingredients that combine to form the magickal influences of Fame, Popularity and Luck!


Magical Properties: Luck, Fame, Popularity
Prominent Notes: Apples, Carmel, Ice, Sugars, Spices


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art:


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