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A delectable, mouth-watering fragrance that attracts attention and encourages your flirty and 'naughty' side! 


This fun fragrance is so delectable it makes me want to crawl inside the bottle. Crafted of five different kinds of tea, with lemon, honey and sugar. The hot sweet tea is accompanied by the aroma of crispy cookies, and the slightly naughty addition of champagne and brandy. Yummy!


Sexy, girlie, and ultra-flirty! Certain varieties of honey have a scent similar to 'female musk', and it's a smell that drives men bonkers. This potion is based around that scent, with the addition of excitement stimulating teas and citrus, and a little booziness besides. The response from men tends to be rapt attention accompanied by much innuendo. Encourages one to flirt up a storm. Great fun!


Magical Properties: Attention grabbing, heightens sexual awareness, excitement, flirtation.
Prominent Notes: Green, Black and White Teas; Honey, Sugar, Lemon, Brandy, and more.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: 


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