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PLUMERIA ~ Love, strong ingredient for love spells.

BLACK CURRANT (aka CASSIS) ~ Aids success in love affairs, and a magical representation of blood.

FIG LEAF ~ Wisdom, fertility, love, luck, protection, aids restful sleep, divination. Feminine sexuality.

AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.

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This is really interesting to me...the fruit punch-ness of the plumeria and the cassis make for a really fruity floral in that you don't get a specific floral impression, IMO.  Unless you automatically read plumeria in that way.  I don't, necessarily, it really depends on what it is blended with.  Sometimes it might be more flowery but it's normally so fruity-sweet on me.  But this is really nice, it's tangy and bright and also womanly in a way which is not too dense.  It strikes me as a scent which would be great for Summer in an anytime kind of way.  It's not too intense but would be equally fine for work or going out.


ETA: I get the plumeria as more of a flowery note in the long drydown; it's really pretty.

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