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Intentionally canceling out effect of specific phero blend.

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The  perfume/phero pairings discussion brought another question to mind.  If a perfume has a scent that one loves and it only is available with a pheromone that either doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t induce desired effect on the other half of a romantic relationship,  or even not ideal for some occasions, is there a way to counteract it by applying another pheromone blend?  

I’m not talking about something containing copulins, I understand that they’re in the perfume, and that’s that. But say a pheromone has a dominant “in charge” type effect, or the opposite, one that has a girly extra feminine “take care of little precious me” vibe.  Can an amateur (ie me :)) add another pheromone to neutralize it?




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I refrained from responding because I figured you wanted to ask Mara specifically.  Besides which, I'm not sure I can answer it myself as I haven't done much experimenting in that realm.


If you wanted to make it more of a general question for the comm I can move the thread, if you like.

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Yes please @luna65  a moment after I originally posted it, I thought it should go somewhere else.   

This is something I wonder about from time to time, but not in reference to a perfume I currently own.  

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I read something about effects in another post.... I use more than one (except Sexpionage****) 

 The other thread  said dont do it 

But I often mix Treasured Hearts with Open Windows, Heart & soul, Levitation, Mega Watt,


 i just spray/roll it all on


**** it was shocking what happened that time !!!! I mixed Sexpionage, gotcha & TMI: 

Juicy Lucy, Honeyed Love Potion, TMI and a spray of Heart & Soul

I was hoping at least one would have an effect on him and WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW i was ravished (repeatedly)

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If there's a solution, I'd love to know!


What I normally do is mix the scent up with a heavier body butter or balm. It keeps it from rising too much in the air but I can still smell it on me. I also apply to a "colder" part of my body and sniff my arm occasionally.  Basically, I do the opposite of what people do to get their scents to diffuse more.  Or if I like the phero's effect on ME, but just don't want to affect others, I swipe a teeny bit on my neck or jawline (or a dot on my mask) - close enough to my nose that I can smell it, but other people won't unless they're getting really close to my face. Not the solution were you looking for, but hopefully it's somewhat helpful! 

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