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Archive: Sugared scents (original Layerable Collection) A-L


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Mmmm, the scent of Almonds drenched in sugar and honey, with a touch of boozy amaretto. Magical properties: attracting of wealth and luck.




Our gorgeous blend of rich sweetened Amber embodies the magical properties of Fertility, Love, Luck & Riches. Artwork by Lisa Iris.




A bushel of delectable red and green apples, blended together with a trio of delicious sugars - encompassing the magical properties of Love, Healing, Fertility and Luck!




Like the tastiest Apricot jam you've ever had - and y'know, the mythical powers of the Apricot are LOVE LOVE LOVE!



Sugared sweetened Blueberries, Boisenberries, Blackberries, Black Currant, and Wood Berry. Tart and sweet, we have made a berrylicious treat!




A traditional Halloween Bonfire ~ smokey woods and hot, sugary, toasting marshmallows!



A "chai" spice treasured from China to India to the Middle East, it is traditionally used in spells intended to stir lust, passion, and for overcoming shyness.



The complex and peppery scent of Carnations, blended with delicate white and pink sugars. Divine!




Succulent ripe Cherries, dripping with syrupy sugary sweetness. Cherries are fabled to stimulate and attract love, attract a mate, and encourage cheerfulness and good humor.




Cinnamon and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils blended with a trio of Sugars, Caramel and Maple - with a touch of Amber and Musk to round out this yummy scent.



Deep, rich Colombian Coffee, blended 'light and sweet' to a heavenly perfection with a touch of Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Sugar and Fresh Cream. A beautiful and well rounded sweetened coffee blend, complete with the scent and atmosphere of a fine old coffeehouse - well polished wooden bar and gleaming espresso machine included - definitely what you expect Sugared Coffee to be!




Creamy coconut milk, sweetened with our blend of delicious sugars. Magical properties include protection and purification.




Y'know that creamy white filling in the middle of those horribly-bad-for-you and insanely tasty little snack cakes you get from the convenience store? The ones with the names like yo-yos and hoo-hahs and stuff? Mmmmm. Save yourself the empty calories and have a whiff of this instead! YUM!




The lovely scented official flower of November, attributed with the magical properties of protection and mental health!


Egyptian Musk

Beautiful! Our Egyptian Musk is light, sexy, smokey and powdery. (Not 'soapy' smelling as some other musks tend to be.) We added our blend of 6 sugars - and this time added an extra layer of Sugar Cane, for a lighter, slightly fruitier sugar note. It's awesome. Fans of Sugared Egyptian Sandalwood should love this one too.



Egyptian Sandalwood

An Exotic, Love Attracting, Sensual atmospheric, crafted of luscious Egyptian Sandalwoods and delicious Brown Sugars. Artwork by Lisa Iris.


English Toffee

The scent of the finest English Toffee - lightly sweetened and subtly nutty.



Exotic Nag Champa

Crafted of the richest of Indian Attars and Essential Oils, softened with Powdery Musk, and just a light kiss of Sweetness. All the exotic mystery of traditional Nag Champa, but lighter and more "wearable". Artwork by Lisa Iris.



Frankincense & Myrrh

Thick Arabian Frankincense and Myrrh oils, softened with a fine powdery sugar scent. Soothes and Inspires Peacefulness & Meditation.



A beautifully balanced bevy of woody notes, including Vetiver, White Pine, Cedar, Sandalwood, Oak Moss, and petrified tree sap (aka Amber) softened by the sweetness of powdery sugar. An enchanting forest, indeed! Smells lovely on both women and men.



French Vanilla

Buttery, sweet and creamy; french vanilla is always a favorite! (Contains natural ingredients, shake well!)




Demure and lovely southern Gardenias, complimented with a dusting of the lightest powdered white sugar and sugar cane. Very delicate and feminine! Magickal Meanings: Mood elevator; powerfully "magnetic" for women, enhances visage, love, passion, peace, healing, spirituality.




Sweet sugars combined with the spicy bite of fresh ginger. Magical properties: amps up power, success, love, money.



Nothing says Christmas and Yule like warm Gingerbread! We combined three classic gingerbread recipes to create this guilt-free holiday perfume. We added a sugared glaze and a bit of sweet cream. The end result is a warm and gooey layerable or stand alone tribute to a favorite holiday treat!




The most gorgeous Pink Grapefruit imaginable, sprinkled with sparkling Sugars of pink and white - an amazingly delicious confection. Fresh, crisp, clean and sweet!




The delightful scent of grapes picked fresh off the vine -, tart and sweet and sprinkled with light powdery sugar! Magickal properties include fertility, wealth attraction and increase of mental prowess.




Smells like the deliciously rich Hazelnut syrup you put in your coffee - in fact, try layering it along with our Sugared Coffee scent - YUM! Hazelnuts are magically associated with wisdom and judgement.



Verrrrrry sexy! The scent of rich and thick late-summer honeycomb, mixed with our delicious blend of 5 sugars. Honey fans know that this particular type of honey smells very similar to the scent of "female musk". You must be daring to wear this scent, as it truly smells like "sex", and drives most men totally bonkers. Keep in mind, this is an earthy, down and dirty sexual smell. Mess up your hair, and wear a lingerie top or an oversized man's button down instead of a shirt. Look like you just got out of bed and can't wait to get back in...and the effect will be complete.




The natural, soft sweetness of Honeysuckle, gracefully entwined with a trio of light sugars. The scent of Honeysuckle is said to strengthen the bonds of love and inspire generosity.



Iced Tea

Take it from a devoted Tea addict, this perfume smells exactly like a perfect glass of Iced Tea - a combo of fragrant leaves of Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea and Chamomile, with a tiny spritz of lemon, a subtle sweetening of white sugar and honey, and a cooling ice note. Makes a surprisingly lovely perfume, evoking an aura of the Far East. Try it layered with Sugared Mint!




Layers of light and powdery sweetness cushion the soothing scent of Lavender flowers. Magical Meanings: Restores body and mind. Arouses sexual desire in men. Also for loyalty, purification, protection, healing.




Essential Oils of Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, and Bergamot blended with powdery white sugar and a tiny touch of green leafy-ness makes this a sweet and fresh treat, vaguely reminiscent of a certain childhood scent we used to "Love"!




Lilac, a flower of Venus, promotes harmony, mental power, protection, and lends itself to erotic and creative power. Our blend of 5 kinds of delicious sugars spin a sweet web over a combination of delicate Lilacs.




The exquisite scent of exotic Lillies, decorated with a frosting of sparkling light sugars. Lillies are magically associated with modesty and purity, and are said to aid in protection and the warding away of evil.


Created by: Mara Fox & Danna Taylor

Label art: Mara Fox & Lisa Iris


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