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Archive: Sugared scents (original Layerable Collection) M-Z


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Frankincense, Myrrh and Fig! Someone suggested this a few months ago and it was just toooo good not to release at this apropos time of year.




A mouth-wateringly delicious melon salad of Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Mango, Guava and Papaya, with a sprinkling of sparkling sugar.



We blended cooling, non-tingling Peppermint and other minty herbs such as Sweet Dill and a touch of Basil, with our blend of delicious sugars. The result is subtle, fresh, green and natural. Magical properties: stimulates, restores, uplifts; attraction, good fortune, fidelity and love.




Essential Oils of Orange and Neroli (essence of bitter orange), blended with a combination of Sugars, Caramel and a luscious basenote of Amber that adds depth and maturity to this lively scent.




Orchids symbolize Love, Beauty and Refinement, and are said to enhance Fertility and inspire thoughfulness and understanding. Our blend of 5 kinds of delicious sugars spin a sweet web over a bevy of delicate Orchids.




Crafted of Essential Oils Aged 20 Years. Languidly Soothing; A gorgeously rich Sensual, Sexual Stimulant. Artwork by Lisa Iris.




Creativity, romance, marriage and fertility. Some people believe the Peach to be a fairy fruit - with the power to grant wishes, love and fertility. Peaches are a fruit of love and healing, are Feminine in energy, and are associated with the planet Venus. Our blend of 5 kinds of delicious sugars, spin a sweet web over a delectable bushel of Peaches.




The delicious Pear symbolizes love, lust, longevity and luck. Our blend of five kinds of delicious sugars, spin a sweet web over a delectable variety of Pears.



Sweet, syrupy and wonderfully tart - just like freshly-cut Hawaiian Pineapple!  Magical meanings of Pineapples: Draws money and luck; hinders lust and protects chastity.




Ah, poor Persephone. Tricked into spending half the year in the underworld by her husband Hades, who fed her six deliciously sweet pomegranate arils. During those 6 months, her mother Demeter cries and allows the crops to die and the world to become a mirror of her grief and desperation. Persephone returns on the Spring Equinox and Demeter again tends the Earth. Sweetly sugared Pomegranates are our tribute to the love that is given to Persephone, on both sides of the veil. A sad story, but a delightful fragrance! Magickal properties: fidelity and fertility.




Ripe Pumpkins, warm and fresh from the oven, smothered in sugary sweetness! Magickal properties: fertility and plenty.  Pumpkin artwork by Dawn Bentley. Dawn hand-carves pumpkins every year and does a huge display for her neighborhood! 




Sugar, sugar and more sugar! Enjoy the sweetness of our blend of five kinds of sugars - nothing but the sweetest of notes! If you are a sugar lover this one can be worn alone, or, add some additional sweetness to your favorite blend!


Red Berries

Sugared sweetened Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Currants and a splash of Yuzu. (Japanese citrus fruit) A delightful summer treat!




Sugar and Roses, two of the most powerful love giving (and receiving) triggers for romance! Sugar is a scent of giggles, stolen kisses, and moments of home and hearth, historically known to attract love, luck, sweetness and riches. And Roses are known as one of the most powerful Love and Romance drawing entities. The combination is Heavenly in the extreme! Five kinds of delicious sugars spinning a sweet web over a bouquet of delicate roses.


Sugar-fried Bananas

A Cuban inspired sweet treat! Ripe Bananas rolled in sugar, then fried in sweet butter until carmelized. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top, and YUM! This perfume will make you want to try that recipe yourself - delish! (Note: This blend contains cinnamon.)



Valentine's Chocolate

YUM!!!! Our blend of 5 kinds of delicious sugars, spinning a sweet web over a delectable variety of chocolates.



Vanilla Bean

A stunning pairing of our delicious blend of sugars, and thich n' rich vanilla oleo-resin. Blissful! A strong aphrodisiac too!


Vanilla Mint

A touch of fresh Spearmint adds an exciting twist to our sweet creamy Vanilla infusion. Fresh, yet sweet, this is a perfect summertime fragrance. Our mint is non-stinging, and this potion encompasses the following magickal properties: Stimulates, energizes and uplifts, revitalizing, playfulness, arousal, luck and prosperity.




Violets, a fragrance of Venus, the goddess and planet of love. Violet is also used for healing, protection, luck, wishes, and lust. Violets offer protection from naughty spirits, and they bring changes in luck and fortune. Our blend of 5 kinds of delicious sugars spin a sweet web over a combo of delicate Violets.


Created by: Mara Fox & Danna Taylor

Label art: Mara Fox, Lisa Iris & Dawn Bentley


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