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From now through December 18th, everything in our Going Going Gone! section is 25%off! And trust me, you want to look. This area includes the last of the last of some fabulous goodies, some of which were unclaimed after the sale and thought sold out. Fragrances for all tastes and genders, perfect for gift giving! (Also, do not forget to check out the Threebies in the sale section as those are 66% off!) Thanks and Happy Shopping! ❤️


You can find these on our LUV and Etsy sites....here are the links:








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Thank you so much ! I scored a FB of Fleur de Nuit with Leather, and one of the precious 02.20 FB's with Perfect Match. Perfect Match is a work horse for me, it not only helps me with cuddle times with hubby, but also feeling less stressed at work (because I feel I'm 'well-matched' to my job and coworkers) and even helping with sleep and anxiety. Such a great Sale. Still lots of Fairy Cake versions there !!!

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