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Something went wrong.. Apply too much?

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I am sorry to say that my second thread on this board is about another rookie mistake (I think)! I applied 4-5 swipes of Unisexy w/Perfect Match trial vial oil around my ears, hairline and back of my neck. Then I thought it would be a good idea to also apply 3-4 swipes of virgin Fairy Cakes in Orange (such a yummy scent!) in the same areas. 
I smelled fantastic but something went pear-shaped. We had a child-free evening planned with my partner, first in over a year. We both got ready after work (he didn’t get close enough to sniff me because we were trying to leave as quickly as possible, so surely didn’t have time to be put off by the scent). He was in a good mood.
As we were leaving and getting in the car, my partner instantly got into foul mood. I mean cranky-child-I-wanna-go-home kind of mood. ‘Not hungry’, ‘not in the mood for this date’, one word answers or silence to any of my attempts to strike up a light conversation and to make the most of our alone time! 
It was very unusual that he had the car window half-open the whole time (it was really cold, and he is always the one cranking up the heating and rolling the windows up!). 
Did I overdo it with the two scents mixed together? No cops in the mix, and Perfect Match got a good response from him last time I used 4 swipes of it from the little vial (complimented me on smelling good, was happy to cuddle, laughed and chatted). Same application areas as before. Help!


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I mean...it's possible that the combo could have been too much for him scent-wise, but would that be his reaction?  It seems a bit over the top, IMO, to have that kind of reaction.  Usually it might be a wrinkling of the nose and actually saying something unless he's not that way, but since has complimented you on smelling good he might be just as likely to say when he doesn't like it.  Or am I way off base?


It sounds like, to me, that he just wasn't feeling it - and likely not a reflection on you.  And weird because, as you say, he was okay until you left the house.  But PM would not provoke that kind of reaction for someone, in my experience.

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I’m with @luna65 about it not having to do with your perfume or the pheromones in Perfect Match.  Something happened, but it wasn’t that.  

It could have been anything.  Maybe it was a random remark that you consider insignificant enough to not even remember saying, or something jogging his memory.  And by this, maybe he thought of something that had happened (or failed to happen) at work.  The window partially down of course is possible could be a response to what he was smelling, not so much you over applying it as it triggering a memory of someone from the past that  he didn’t  want to think about.  


Other than you coming out and asking him, you may never know what it was.  Humans, be they male or female are complex individuals.  


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Thank you @luna65 and @Eve . He wouldn’t have said that he didn’t like the scent. He prefers to bottle things up or start randomly bringing up unrelated things he is unhappy with. I’ll speak to him today to see if something happened at work maybe. It has certainly put me off arranging any more date nights😟

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