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New Target and Looking for Ideas

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Yes, I have found a new TG/ crush. He is my (surviving) cat’s vet and I get to see him tomorrow! Now, I really don’t expect a relationship out of him as we probably do not see each other enough for much to develop. Though who knows, maybe it could happen. How much I’ll get to see him in the future depends on my cat’s health, so double edged sword there. I really enjoy the time that I get to spend with him and we usually have a nice, flirty time. He seems to have a sweet, fun-loving type of personality, so I like to keep things light hearted.


In the past, I used Heart & Soul both with and without cops. Other times I wore Lumina mostly because it made his staff friendly...and that was before he became a TG. So, I am trying to decide what to use tomorrow. Choices, choices, choices! Part of me is saying stick with what I know works well with him, which is H&S with cops...but another part of me 😈 is saying “experiment!”. Cougar could be fun with him..but alas, I only had a sample of it and I don’t think I have much left. Maybe try that one a different time. I wonder how he would react to Sexology? 😈 😈 (Mostly kidding... I think....😈).


So, I guess I am looking for something with a fun vibe, yet sexy, I would like to see gooey, heart shaped eyes, for him to feel comfortable with me and it would be great if he would open up a little bit and talk/bond more with me. An actual date would be excellent (but I really do not expect to get one 😪).


Ideas? Curious as to what other people would do/use or if anyone has stories/examples of pheros that worked well in this type of situation...I am definitely still learning!

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@RosesArePink I just now saw this , and have nothing pheromone related to offer.  You probably know more about them than me by now.  

However, attitude is almost everything. Don’t expect you won’t be asked out, quite the opposite.  Be you, and know it’s enough for the person who is a good fit for you.  Pheromones help you project the best you, and can give you confidence.

You know I like quotations, here’s one by Judy Garland: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” 

I saw in another thread that you mentioned it went well.  That’s good to hear. :)

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7 hours ago, Eve said:

@RosesArePink I just now saw this , and have nothing pheromone related to offer.  You probably know more about them than me by now.



😊 I do not know about that! As far as the pheromones go, I still am very much learning about how they can work in a given situation and which are the best to use for my aims. But anyway, you alway have good life advice and perspective. 


Confidence is definitely something I need to work on!  


That’s a great quote! 


It’s interesting, but Perfect Match was bit different with the Veterinarian than with Mr. (UN)Wonderful. We had a very nice conversation (as I would expect with PM), but we were also (unexpectedly) very giggle-y, which was fun. I didn’t realize that PM could go in such a fun direction. IDK, maybe I am less uptight with the Veterinarian than Mr. (UN)Wonderful. With Mr. (UN)Wonderful, PM was almost giving me panic attacks at times.


For the next appointment, I am trying to decide which direction to go in: back to Heart & Soul (which he responds really well to) or try Cougar or maybe even Bang Bang! I have almost no experience with those last two and so I am not really sure what to expect out of them. Citrine kindly pointed me to the left over pherotine bottles of Bang Bang! So I have that coming soon. Also got a pherotine bottle of Lace, but don’t have any experience with that one either. Really need more opportunities to experiment! 

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Decided (for now) to alternate between Perfect Match with cops and Heart & Soul with cops with the Cute Veterinarian. It’s one thing to read the descriptions of what they are supposed to do, but a completely different thing to actually see and feel how they work. I guess I’m trying to get a deeper understanding of Perfect Match with cops VS Heart & Soul with cops and to really figure them out. And adding cops probably changes their “feel” or vibe at least a little bit. 


Maybe I am over analyzing. I can’t help it. It’s what I do. 🤗




PM - three drops on UN from pherotine sample bottle, plus cops. And cover scent.




H&S in Gossamer Threads - roll from one breast around belly button up to other and big squiggle on chest. Plus cops.


Also make sure to get some on the top of my head (he’s tall and his nose is right around the top of my head). Generous application of cops at both inner elbows and cleavage worn with both PM and H&S. No cops in hair (see, I’ve learned something!).




CV (Cute Veterinarian) responses well to both. They both make him (and me) giggle-y, with easy, relaxed, fun banter/conversations. Both have also worked well for more serious discussions (about my cat’s health and decisions needing to be made).  He seems to want to please me and make me happy with either. He seems attracted to me with both as well.


But interestingly, to me at least, he seems much more chatty with H&S then with PM and also talks about more personal things with H&S. I didn’t expect that to be the case. Also maybe (and I’ll have to experiment more to be sure) more emotional with H&S. Also more heart shaped eyes and an extra little sparkle in his expressions.


Yet with PM, even though he talks less about personal things, his body language towards me is almost “couple-y” or intimate at times. Like he will start to reach out as if he wants to hold my hand or touch me. He stops short of actually doing so, but the impulse seems to be there. He doesn’t do that with H&S - or maybe he can control the impulse better with H&S? With PM he maybe has a little more of a dazed look?


Well, the last time I wore H&S, in a round about way, he told me that he recently got out of a very long term and not so great relationship and the dust is still settling. 😪 So he’s not ready to start anything new right now. But anyway, he is still fun to try things on and who knows, maybe down the line one day he will ready...So I’ll just have to keep phero bombing him!


TL;DR  Can’t put all my eggs in his basket. 

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