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Hello and Salutations


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I hope everyone is well. I’m new to the forum. I have purchasing perfumes here for a little over a year now. I discovered this site on a perfume blog and I have been hooked since my first order. I have always been a fragrance person and love a good in unique scent. It might sound weird but, I pick fragrances according to my wardrobe and to relieve stress and help my mood.  My favorites so far are Love Potion Original and Balm Bomb.


What I love about this company is that it lists the definition for what each note can manifest which was what I was looking for in general, the meaning of certain notes and scents, when I stumbled upon this company. Also, your honey notes work with my body chemistry! *Chef kisses at BeeWitched* Usually, this note goes plastic on me.


As far as pheromones I’m still noob when it comes experimenting with them.  The pandemic hasn’t been helping with the experiments (this company and pheromonexs are only two I have experimented with so far). I’m in my early 40’s, single and trying to get my groove back sort of speak. Also, to have a peaceful and respectful work environment.


I work in a public library which is not as calm and quiet as people tend to think. In spend my pastime hanging out with friends and going on adventures near and far. Metaphysical and spiritual topics and interests. Reading, gaming and history.


Here’s to luck in love and good fortune,




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Welcome! :)


Actually, your reasons for picking scents aren't so strange as you might think.  Perfume is a great way to change your mood, find comfort.  And it's as much a handy accessory as a great pair of shoes or beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Welcome!  You’ve arrived in the forum on a historic day. Years from now this massive new release will still be talked about, and you can say, “Yeah, I was there for it.  I remember”.  😀

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Aww, thanks for the welcome, everyone. 🙂


And WOW! I can see why this is a historic day. I just saw all the new releases and I'm about to be broke. I want them all! 😁 The only one I recognized is Buns of Cinn and I might get a roll on of that one this time around. 

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