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Liberation Potion w/Balm Bomb

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Scent: Herbal and spa-like, geared for self effects.



The ingredients chosen are all intentional for developing the necessary qualities of liberation…with a base of red clover tea for purification, mimosa flower for release, honey for sweetness, camellia blossom for growth and authentic expression, and Indonesian teak for resilience. A garden-fresh bounty of essential oils then enhances the higher purpose: basil and birch for new beginnings, coriander and thyme for cleansing and release of trauma, Japanese peppermint for protection, fir needle for honesty, Black chamomile for peace and calm, rosemary for love, and alyssum for invoking your inner beauty of body, mind and soul.

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Normally I'm not that big a fan of herbal-type scents, but I like this one!  So that's really saying something.  It does definitely have a garden-fresh aura but it's balanced really well so that it's smooth and just slightly sweet.   It's a tranquil vibe rather than enlivening, so there's that spa aspect to it for sure.  Overall it feels very cleansing and calming.  Although it's good for meditation/reflection/centering yourself, I do think it would be great for bedtime as well.

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Trying this out for sleep, BF is out of town and I never go to sleep early enough when home alone. This is very relaxing, except I keep looking around for a spa attendant. Surely my massage therapist will be here soon! 

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