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GGG Pheromone Blends for Sale

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Izzy and I just consolidated our phero masters between the studio and the shop, and found some things that were thought to be gone, so I thought I would offer them here to forum members rather than posting them in the shops. If there is something you'd like, please post here then email me for an invoice at CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com. Thanks!


These are UNscented Pheromones, still in the master bottles so you may request them to be roll on bottles or sprays, as you wish. Since they are still in the master bottles, we can't get an exact accurate count of how many doses are left, so I am going to post conservative numbers so they don't oversell, and will add more to this list should there prove to be any left after this. (There might be a couple more of each) Regular prices apply - $44.95 for a 1/3rd oz roll on oil or $54.95 for a 1 oz spray.


Girl/Girl - 6 doses available.


Bang! (original blend, not the current v2  Bang, Bang!) - 4 doses available.


Super Sexy for Women - 2/4 doses available.

(1 spray for StrawberryKitten, 1 spray for PinkIce,


Feel free to add your name as an alternate in case there are any more or a sale falls through. Thanks!



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