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Magical Mystery Boxes are BACK! This Weekend Only!

Potion Master

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You might have seen on our Facebook that we are closed this weekend due to a possible covid exposure, so we've locked up the shop and sent everyone home until Monday. To take advantage of our enforced time off, we are running this beloved special once again....
Since we're closed this weekend, let's do something FUN! 😃
You give us a subject or a theme, and we'll fill a mystery box for you from our shop.
The cost is $100 per box, and we will choose items for you that equal AT LEAST $150.00, so you'll be getting a minimum of 33.33% off! We can ship you a flat rate box, or you can come pick up your package at the shop next week. You can say things like, Bath & Body Indulgences, or Baby Witch Starter Pack, or Harry Potter Themed, or Cat Themed....anything you like! We carry everything from perfumes to potion ingredients, from crystals to clothing, from books to decks, and spiritual items for every path. You pick the category, and we'll make sure you are delighted. This is something we love to do, and we put a lot of time and consideration into filling them. It will help us out, and we guarantee you'll be overjoyed. Participate or feel free to post any questions here, and you can email us at LovePotionPerfume-Store@yahoo.com. Weeehoooo!


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