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Proportions for making phero sprays

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This is maybe a better place to post this question than in Questions for Mara, as Mara is really busy with the Weenies. Could someone please delete my question in that section.


I have read through a lot of similar topics but got confused about the proportions if I tried making 6ml sprays as opposed to 1 fl.oz.


How do I make a phero-enhanced spray? Say, if I have a FB Vampire Bait spray and any UN phero oil (full roller or Pherotine vial). If I take a 6ml travel automiser spray bottle, am I just taking 2ml of UN oil + 4ml Vampire Bait spray? Will the oil and spray mix fine or do I need to add Perfumers Alcohol? How much space do I leave for air and the lid?

Another mix I need help with: a phero enhanced scent (where the phero is already at 333mcg level) + a non-phero spray.
Will pheros be too diluted in so much fragrance? Do I need additional Perfumer’s Alcohol in this mix? There is obviously already alcohol in the spray. I just can’t handle certain scents but don’t mind them layered with something else. 


I get oil+oil is straightforward 1/3 phero + 2/3 perfume, but oil+spray got me confused.



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