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Catrina w/Queen Bee & AJA

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Scent: Spiced honeyed carnation.



CARNATION ~ Power, energy, protection. Fascination, admiration, communication, mending of quarrels.
HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.
SPICES ~ Protection, money attraction. WOODS ~  Protection, strength.

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I'm definitely not familiar with carnation's scent....in my notes as I blind tested this...i described it as reminiscent of heady Dandelions dipped in honey and has a ghosting aura of autumnal spices. interesting take, I recall it unexpectedly had strong yellow vibes as it matured and it grew more spicy in a weird way (travel shock for sure)


I'm not a carnation type of peep but I think the edges of this will smooth out some as it ages more, maybe into something suitable on a hot autumn day. Will revisit after a bit

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Ahhh, this is so lovely!


Conceptually it's meant to be a Fall take on BeeWitched.  The carnation is not quite as peppery as in something like Velours Frais, but I think it blends with the honey so beautifully, with the spices and the woods providing ambience throughout.  The honey is not too sweet (or overtly sexy), overall it does have more of a mellow gold kind of vibe, definitely Autumnal but also womanly and polished.


ETA: in the drydown the honeycomb comes out a bit more, so that may end up giving you some sexiness later, heh.

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I sniffed all my samples and tried this one first. It's so soft, pretty, and womanly. It's exactly as described. Spicy carnation dripping with honey. I only applied it to my wrists and it's not too heavy. Light delicate and soothing. I love it! 

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It is rare that a perfume is exactly the same in the bottle as on my skin, yet here we are, in this head swimmingly elegant space. This is a silk dressing gown in scent form. Honey and AJA comes forward and remain steady. The carnation is not the sometimes sharp incantation, but rather more sweet cinnamon coming from a vase across the room. The spices add depth and warmth. The longer it settles on the skin, the softer it becomes, but without loss of scent. This is lovely.

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