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Hungry Souls (Almas Hambrientas)


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Scent: Mani Choco = Chocolate Peanut.


PEANUTS ~ Masculine energy. Monetary issues.  
CHOCOLATE/COCOA ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
CARAMELIZED SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.

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What this reminds me of is The Trouble With Truffles, it has a similar cast to it with the blending of the peanut and the chocolate.  It doesn't smell like a Reese's or anything but I think there is a sugary yumminess to it all the same, if you're into that kind of thing.

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Its a dry powdery dark chocolate (think 70% chocolate) with a savoury robust toasted peanut. It's an interesting novelty scent that makes me think of a novel called "the night circus" or something another. 


I didn't think Halloween as much as I thought of a circus treat!

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I was not onboard with the idea of a peanut scented perfume.  But curiosity about several offerings  in this collection convinced me to go for the sampler.  Otherwise I don’t *think* I would have tried Hungry Souls.  I might have, but it would have been after the reviews were in.


So far no peanuts at all on my skin. On day one  there was a nut impression, but a tree nut kind of nuance.  The eventual dry down did go kind of plastic-y though.  Now it is three days after it first arrived, and tonight I tried it again, and the  nuts are all gone. If it stays like it is now, only 30 minutes or so after applying it, I will be a happy soul, evenif not currently a hungry one. (keeping my fingers crossed). 

I meant to add that there is chocolate present, and I agree it is a nice deep dark variety.😊

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Oh my gosh!

Velvet Chocolate Ganache!


Fifteen minutes in, and if peanut is coming through it is showing up as a barely there  toastiness. For all of two minutes the amber had the slightest whiff of plastic, but that is a common issue on my skin. That disappeared quickly. An hour in and this is completely Velvet Chocolate Ganache. I am loving that, but licking my arm is annoying my husband.

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