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Remembrance (La Memoria)


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Scent: Autumnal fruity floral featuring marigold and apple.


MARIGOLD ~ Strengthening & comforting, prophetic dreams, divination, aids legal matters, aids the overcoming of grief, protection.
APPLE ~ Love, healing, fertility, good luck , happiness, immortality, foretelling spells.
DESERT FLOWER ~ Perseverance, protection, chastity, endurance, warmth, love, inspiration, sacred gateway to the spirit world.
CHAMOMILE ~ Prosperity, calming & soothing. Love, peace, meditation.

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If you love marigolds, if you've always wanted an Autumnal fruity floral (or you like them in general), I think this is really that exact thing.  The apple and the cactus flower are bright and tangy in the top, and the marigold is really beautiful and somewhat earthy, with the chamomile providing a nice herbal accent.   It's a very striking scent, as noted in the description, marigolds have a very distinctive fragrance.


This is really an inspired take on a fruity floral, it sort of reminds me a bit of Warrior Heart - not that it's that much like it, but it's got a similar vibe.

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First sniff is holy apple! I was really surprised that all I smelled was bright tart apple. I was really looking forward to this one and was a bit let down. I glumly applied a little dot to the top of my hand and rubbed it in. It quickly morphed into this beautiful sweet floral with a touch of that tangy apple in the background. Just goes to show you can't judge an LP without wearing it first! I highly recommend this one. This is defiantly a young fresh take on floral perfume. I'm in my 30's and sometimes florals go a little old lady on me. Not this one, I love it. Thank you for brewing this! ❤️

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I like this very much. I get Punk Lady Apples, sweet, freshly plucked chamomile blossoms, and the faintest marigold sprinkled throughout. Desert flower..my folks' home was in Tucson. During the spring and during monsoon season you truly cannot take a step in the desert without stepping on the carpet of flowers. I'm not certain if Desert Flower is meant to represent one flower/flowering tree, or the overall scent of the desert in bloom. I'm getting the Yellow Sweetbush. After about 30 minutes, everything smoothes put, the marigold fades, and the sweetness of apple blossom, chamomile, and Sweetbush remains. Such a happy scent. This could easily work in a work setting. It would work anywhere. Really like this. Thanks, Mara.

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