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blatant invitation + betrothal potion

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i probably shouldnt be writing this when i have an exam tomorrow morning.. (so in about.. 6 hrs)


but ive been wearing these two combos for about 2 days now and i must say, the effects are simply amazing.


couple of days ago, i injured my back at a club when a random girl came up behind me, grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards (and i fell flat on my bum :) ) it turned out that her bf was looking at me all night and she got mad at me :D i was wearing blatant invitation covered with DKNY be delicious. my friend's bf's friend was extrememly interested in me, followed me around the whole night and when the thing happened.. a fight broke out with all those guys defending me. i thought that was nice :)


my friend told me the next day that he's never been like that with any girl and he kept telling her bf that he thought i was really special. it was rather flattering :)


so the next day, i hung out with my friend... my ex bf friend. kinda TG. a long story... i wore blatant invitation layered with some betrothal potion. he gave me a backrub and treated me like i was so fragile and.. i happened to look over at that direction, and he was very very excited about giving me a back massage. :lol:


then we just hung around in my room. he was exceptionally nice and kept giving me cute little touches and tried really hard to cheer me up. he danced around and sang for me so i'd laugh. hahaha B)


anywaysss so yes. very very happy that i got blatant invitation. its def. a winner, u should try it and layer it with betrothal, its very very pretty!


<3 remmy


ps. just ordered nekai nectar. mm i love that smell so much and i didnt even get to wear it.. my sister actually came over and took my sample bottle. hmph. hope the package gets here soon!!!!

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OMG. I'm so sorry to hear that remmy, jesus that's crazy! She pulled your hair down?! *phiew*! that's just traumatizing!


But hey, on the other hand, it did work after all :)


I LOVE Bethrotal, daym, I've got my eyes set on the one with est! lol, must get it soon :D


But yea, nakai nectar is delicious, very very yummy!! that's on my long shopping list too *sigh*


Anyhow! Excellent report my dear!

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