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We're snowed in for the rest of the week!

So, here's a chance to help us pay our employees and bills while getting a screaming deal for yourself!

Specials will be going on until this Sunday at Midnight!


Our Magickal Mystery Boxes are BACK!

You pick the theme and we'll stuff a box full of awesome items from our shop for you, a discount of AT LEAST 33% off, cuz you know we always overstuff those boxes!

Follow this link: https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases/products/magickal-mystery-boxes


Phabulous Phero & Phragrance Sale!

If you're interested only in our fab pheros and fragrances, we're offering 20% off orders of $50 of more! Use this coupon code at checkout: Snow2023

Code can only be used once per person, so place your orders carefully!


Note: Mystery Boxes can only be shipped domestically, but the perfume sale is worldwide.


And THANK YOU for helping us out while we ride out the storm! We appreciate you! ❤️


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Ah, got to watch my spending in the coming weeks because I have a number of things that I will be due payments for with regards to our house and my little one. Hope the snow melts soon and you guys are ok! Will definitely take part in the Pherotine.

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11 hours ago, greenappletart said:

Is this only for the site, or can it also be used on an invoice? 

Happy to use it on an invoice for you too, thanks for asking!


10 hours ago, circusrose said:

I placed an order but there wasn't a place for the code.   Is there a way to get credit for the code.?

The place to add it appears during checkout, I think the last spot before you pay. Yes, please send me an email so I know which one your order is, and I will refund the amount for the code. Thanks so much!

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9 hours ago, Potion Master said:

Happy to use it on an invoice for you too, thanks for asking!


Great! There were things on both the love and luv sites I was looking at. I will send an invoice so I don't have to decide between them.

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12 hours ago, Potion Master said:

Thanks so much! Much appreciated!


Email to ask for an invoice is:


I did sent it to this email address, I hope you got it?

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11 hours ago, citrine said:

I did sent it to this email address, I hope you got it?


Still working on them!


And BTW, I am extending these specials to the 28th and maybe beyond, as we have more snow on the horizon! If the code works, the special is still on.

Thank you so hugely for your support, my friends.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for my amazing Snowmageddon mystery box! 🥰


I had no idea what I wanted. All I knew is that I wanted to help. Living in Florida I have absolutely no concept of snow but I do know about hurricanes and tropical storms and how awful they can be.  My note was very vague and indecisive (like I've been feeling for a long while) and I really let go of any expectation.


I received my box today and let me tell you:  Every single item is so thoughtful and perfect! I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I don't know who assembled my box but I appreciate the kindness and effort involved. The handwritten note was so sweet!


I am a longtime lurker but I rarely login and actually post. This is such a lovely forum! I hope everyone is doing well and that the snow is melting away and causing no more trouble! Mara, you make it easy and a pleasure to support your business. Many Blessings to you and yours!!  Please excuse me, I am going to scrape together some coins to order some perfume now! 🙂

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