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Archive: Spell 2023: PNW Road Opener

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To quote our Potion Master: “There are no less than a million recipes for Road Opener oils.” This redundancy of riches is no doubt due to everyone’s desire for that opportunistic edge, and thus she decided to indulge her magickal creativity and brew a unisex blend featuring only ingredients found in LPMP’s environs of the Pacific Northwest. Set off along our forest-scented path with hope in your heart assisted by protective and prosperous pine, lavender, bayberry and sage, plus the strength of rosemary & thyme as well as transcendent cypress. A clever way to utilize this oil is to anoint a key which will symbolically open doors of opportunity for you if worn or carried. Also may be applied as a fragrance or to anoint candles and other objects. For clearing blockages and openings pathways to opportunities.

PINE ~ Fertility/verility, purification, strength, rejuvenation, calming and soothing, healing, protection, money, long life.
LAVENDER ~ Soothes/ restores body and mind. Arouses sexual desire in men, loyalty, purification, protection, healing. Third eye chakra, spiritually uplifting.
BAYBERRY ~ Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the home. Protection, control.
SAGE ~ Healing, prosperity, cleansing & purification. Wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes granted.
ROSEMARY ~ Intellectual stimulation, purification, love, sensuality, wards against dark forces, invigorating.
THYME ~ Protection from negativity, rejuvenating. Health, healing, sleep, psychic power enhancement, love, purification, courage.
CYPRESS ~ Sacrifice, resurrection, perfection, truth, youth, freedom, music.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:  Mara Fox (with the assistance of an AI art generator)

Spell Collection 2023



We listened to you, we’re here for you - we’ve got the spell potions you want and you need right NOW!

Every few years we release a Spell Collection set of potion perfumes specifically aimed to assist our Beloved Customers in whatever aims they desire to enact. Most of these releases are centered around a specific theme, but for this collection we asked our dear ones - online and in-person: “What do you NEED to make your life better?” And so we present the potions for so many of your notions! Crafted to benefit you in matters of love and desire, success and abundance, protection, creativity and confidence, healing and tranquility for a world which is ever evolving and eternally challenging.

The motto of LPMP is "Add a little MAGIC to your life!" and we sincerely endeavor to do just that by offering a wide variety of fragrances which enhance the wearer by means of scent and intent. So please enjoy the 2023 Spell Collection as fragrances, and utilize them in ritual work with a pure heart and a focused mind…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!



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