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OK, so I was supposed to go to a business dinner with my sweetie Friday night, and I was going to wear a True Confessions/Treasured Hearts combo with LP Red. I was being very subdued, wearing a pair of slacks and a pretty turtleneck sweater.


Well, when I spoke to my darlin' before driving to his house to meet him, he asked what I was wearing, and when I told him, he said....."WELL, this is a very casual dinner at a bar and grill.....why don't you wear jeans.....and something that shows some cleavage, too? You know.....SEXY!" So, I changed.....not only did I put on a pair of jeans that appeared to be painted on, but added a low cut sweater, and a healthy dose of Blatant Invitation to boot! He wanted sexy, and I was determined that he was going to GET IT!


So, True Confessions and Treasured Hearts on my wrists and the backs of my hands.....Blatant Invitation on my neck and cleavage.....covered it all with LP Red. My honey was all over me. He couldn't get enough.


I had not met most of the people who were at this event.....they were from a different division of the company that he works for. These people were drawn to me like magnets.....and I couldn't get them to shut up!!!


All in all, a GOOOOOOOD evening.....and after we got home, it was even better, very VERY HOT. I think we woke his neighbors.....I'm sure they had to roll over and have a cigarette.....and they don't smoke!

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You know, I have no one to wear my Blatant Invitation around. I have all three, so I may need to just wear them out shopping! ^_^ Maybe I'll get GREAT service.

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