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new member saying hi!


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I'm xev and I joined a few days ago and also placed my first order (can't wait!). I have tried some phero products from Androtics and really like them. I wandered over here because they've been out of some of my favs for a while...so I decided to try some LP products in the meanwhile.


I just ordered a full size "Intellectual Woman" unscented, plus trial sizes of:

Original Love Potion

Sugared Honeycomb

Cleopatra's blend 2008

Honeyed seductions

Phero girl Cougar

Me Jane

and La Vie de boheme for women.


So a mix of Phero and non-phero products. I had a hard time choosing which unscented product to buy in a large bottle -- there weren't alot of reviews here for Intellectual Woman yet.


Does this sound like a good set to try out? I'm in my early 40's and married. So far, the husband seems to "respond" very well to EoW, and I have great self-effects from Androtic's TAH -- but for all the other phero's I've tried, the results are unclear to me. I'm not interested in picking up guys, but I do enjoy male attention ;-) I'm introverted by nature so I feel I'm not as tuned in to reading other people's behaviors as I need to be with respect to testing phero products.



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Welcome xev!


You picked a great "starter pack"! I also recommend the monthly sample packs if you like variety. You can order them each month. The new scents that are released are designed to be worn the following month. For example: the October releases are the harvest/Thanksgiving scents and the November releases are the holiday scents. The best deal is the annual subscription to the monthly samplers, but it is kind of expensive up front. You do get two months free and then it's like Christmas every month. I love it!



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Welcome to the funhouse!


I haven't tried most of whats on your list, but La Vie de boheme for women is lovely. On me it smells like coffee ice cream, and Intellectual Woman works wonders for shy little me.


The reviews here are kinda scattered. There are regular reviews, then there are reviews for particular pheromones. They cross pollinate, so it helps to take a good look around.

Have fun!

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Welcome! Come on in and visit with us.....we can get pretty crazy sometimes, but at least we're always up for fun!

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Greetings Xev,


You will LOVE your goodies. You picked an amazing group to start with here. ^_^

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