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layering perfumes/pheromones

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I am really new to all this and love trying out all sorts of different combos, mostly because I love all the different perfumes and can never decide on just one. Therapygirl suggested I just try dfferent perfumes different places and that way I could enjoy several at once..lol really fun idea.

Seems to be a hit not only for me. I purchased carpe noctum and had blatent invitation added, which I used behind my ears/hair line as well as deep in my cleavage...I also added treasured hearts at the top of each breast, and la vie de boheme on the tops of my hands.. I know probably a strange combo, but like I said I am new and just trying to figure things out. I thought if it as kind of a treasure trail or hunt... different scents that created different thoughts/desires along the way, building up ... I know you all get the picture. Anyhow it seems to be a great combo for me. Gets the conversation really going and great, then suddenly a nose at my neck and an insane amount of kisses all around my neck and hairline, and as the kisses head south... wow... and even after all the fun, all I kept hearing was how wonderful I smelled and a face buried between my cleavage... inhaling...this I could get used to...

I thnk the thing I like the most is I love the scents myself, and every time I am around him he asked what I am wearing " this time" I have sort of kept parts of it secret obviously, but he thinks is very unique that i wear more than one and seems to really enjoy the " hunt" or whatever the word is, and the different scents. I have changed up what I wear on my hands, and used autumn equinox, which I thought smelled like dirt at first but after an hour smelled really nice, and also deliciously wicked which I love......

I have quite a few samples now as well as about 7-8 perfumes and was wondering what combinations others have used and for what purposes.. socal, seductons, success etc. Thanks.

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