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Musky Dusky Pure

sultry brunette

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This is a great layering scent. It is a soft musk that dries to a nice sweet and slightly powdery finish. This is a nice blend of musks (it is like a sugared musk) and there is a faint green note hidden in there somewhere.


Edited to add: I couldn't find a post on this one anywhere...

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Wow isn't this an underated scent!

I agree with Sultry B in that theres a green note in there, but I wouldnt say its a sugared musk on my skin. In fact, No "Musky or Dusky" at all really.

PURE indeed. Very clean and fresh, a light scent like you've stepped out of a spa steam room and theres still water droplettes clinging to your freshly cleaned and soaped skin.

Sortof reminds me of a high end "Clean" fragrance line scent, like "Clean" Provence, hint of green, hint of citrus, with again, a clean fresh soft powdery drydown.

Very well crafted. Like a shower in a bottle! Love it!


edit-the musk becomes more apparent upon drydown, and its a white musk and a light skin musk, with powder. very pretty.

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On its own i get a sweet musk scent... and after awhile there's a subtle floral note coming out?


This is my FAVOURITE scent so far! I LOVE IT! Especially the soft and subtle powdery feel to it when it dries down... MM... Feels so clean and wonderful... Reminds me of my newly washed bedsheets :lol:


This is great for layering... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I can't get enough of it! :o

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My mum likes this one! :P:):) She likes it even from the beginning of application and still likes it an hour later! :):):) I think this is similar to one of Crabtree's cream- Nantucket Briar. Her favourite :)


I have successfully made my helper and my mum happy by going through LP perfumes!! HEEEEEE.... Yay! One more LP follower! :10_small16:

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