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Soiled Dove


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Haha, resurrecting this thread!


When I first applied this, it was a blast of tobacco and booze so strong it made my eyes water.

After a while, the honey comes through. It's nice-- on me, sometimes honey scents come through as kind of fake and powdery, but with the tobacco it stays warm and sweet.

I can definitely get the "rubbed up against a cowboy" vibe from it. It's really fun! I don't know if I've ever smelled a perfume that conjured up a theme as well as this one.

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Another oldie but goldie. I'm so glad I hung on to one of these! It smells like money. Dirty money. And unwashed sex. And booze. And vetiver! It really seriously and wholly embodies what it's supposed to. A slightly road worn hooker in an old west saloon and her maybe not so gentile gentleman caller. It's strong and lasts forever. It's perfect!

A different take, if you had no idea what this was called? Sexy library scent. There's definitely old PAPER in here, and leather and wood. Smells like old books, for anyone who's been searching that out. That vetiver and honey smutty it all up though. Maybe sex in an old study,haha. I don't know. I miss scents like this one though. Strong and totally different. They still come along of course, but not nearly enough for me!

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