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New releases question


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New releases are typically released mid to late month and are for the next month. For example, the scents released at the end of January are designed for wearing in February. That is how it was explained to me by the Master's (Mara/Danna).


The can also take a while for the ingredients to fully meld, so be sure to shake the vials/bottles. As the perfume "matures," sometimes the scent changes slightly and becomes deeper, creamier, spicier, etc (the "ier" depends on the scent and how the ingredients react with each other).


Did I miss anything?

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Quicker than quick. I could have purchased an inexpensive used car for the investment I have made in LP!



So true, so true


It has only been a little over a month for me and i happily look for extra money to get LP's, if i had to do that to pay off a credit card - i would not have the same results



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