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Ajia's Gardenia Oriental

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Mmmm… This one is unique. When wet, I get strong cardamom with subtle gardenia. As it dries, the cardamom calms down and sweetens up quite a bit. The gardenia stays subtle and provides a nice balance to the spice. After about 20 minutes, the myrrh starts to peek through in slow waves. Very nice.

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SB, your description of GO is excellent! Thats exactly what its like.Its not an in your face type of gardenia fragrance, its more soft and subtle . Mara did a beautiful job blending all of the scents together ,not a one over powers the other. I just love it!

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I don't think that I have mentioned yet that I love your new avatar Ajia, but I do...


This was a great combo, one that I would not have thought of. They did a fantastic job of blending it for you.


Thank you , i think shes cute too..



I agree, they did a wonderful job.....Mara & Dana are true artists .

Edited by Ajia
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