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What is the difference between the results of 'Super Sexy' and copulins?

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I know they're different chemicals, but don't they do the same thing? Have the same results?



No, they absolutely DO NOT do the same thing. Super Sexy puts off a sexy, womanly vibe, but copulins are purely SEXUAL. Nothing else. Full on, "do me" vibe....if that makes sense.


The difference between Super Sexy and Copulins is the difference between "sexy" and "sexual".....I know its a fine line.....


Here ya go.....With Super Sexy, I put off the air of....I am a beautiful woman and any man would be happy to be with me. I get flirty men, longing looks, heads turning.


With straight cops, I put off the vibe of....well, the "I want sex" vibe. Synthetic copulins are made to mimic the vaginal secretions of a woman when she is ready to have sex. Period. Nothing else. Copulins raise men's testosterone levels, and can sometimes (in the wrong crowd) cause inappropriate male behavior, such as making actual blatant advances, lewd comments, etc. It can also lead to "cattiness" in some other women....they sense you are trying to move in on their "territory".


Hope this helps!

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Yeah, helps a lot! Thanks! Based on your description, I know 'Super Sexy' is more what I'm interested in than the copulins.


Great! Glad I could help!!

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