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Allright.....more combo testing! YAY!


Today, I was dealing with various clients....one who is a known jacka** and three others who are genuinely nice people. I didn't want to be so alpha as to scare them away, but still needed to keep the one under control....no time to apply in between appts either, because they were scheduled back-to-back.


So, I rolled unscented Dominance on the backs of both hands (actually the tops of my wrist area), in my cleavage and on my neck. Then, I covered it with a good dose of Happy Water. I smelled really good. And, my jerky client stayed calm and collected as I told him what he was going to have to do.....he is always really responsive to Dominance, and the Happy Water did not soften it so much as to lose the strength, which is really necessary with him.


My other clients came for their appts, and two of them were very happy while meeting with me (unusual for tax season).....BUT, the most interesting one is a male client that I have been dealing with for over a year. He has become a little nervous when I have worn only Dominance in the past, but today, with Happy Water, it took just enough of the edge off so that I was in control but not so strong as to put him off.


A good combo, I think, when dealing with a mixed group.....in control, but not overbearing......try it, ladies!

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Dolly, I just love your combo reviews! Being new to pheros it makes it so much easier for me to find out what works well together. :D



Well, I like to review every combo that I try, because as Ail has mentioned before, when she and I (and the other long-time phero users on board here) started using pheros, information for women and pheromones was scanty at best. We had to use a lot of trial and error to find out ways that these products can be used to our best advantage. So, when I try something that works, I like to share!

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