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I want to burn pheros

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Ok this is crazy but I have a boy coming over tonight and I dont want to wear any pheros. HOWEVER I am kinda curious about using my oil burner to diffuse the pheros into the room. I want to maybe put some sexual pheros, maybe some drop your guard, treasured hearts and perhaps some truth serum....


ANy thoughts on if this would be effective and if so suggestions?


Thanks ladies. Burning pheros, so to spea, is a totally new area for me :banana052:

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I think you're ok if you add some pheros to a diffuser mix that is gently warmed.


No burning pheros.


Dr. Stone was very clear on that fact. We had a discussion about it regarding the adding of Alpha-Androstenol to candles. He said, you can heat them in a warmer, no problem, but if there is exposed flame, there's a risk of creating something toxic and nullifying the effect of the pheros anyway, so, no positive effect, and possibly a quite negative one.


So, CC? How did it go?!



P.S. to TG: The heat of a blow dryer against your skin wouldn't harm the pheros. :D The danger point far exceeds the temp your skin could tolerate.

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I'm not nitpicking what anybody wants to refer to them as, but...... if you're talking about the gadget with a bowl on top for a scented oil and a tealight candle in the bottom for heat, then technically they are oil warmers, not oil burners. Eons ago, the first phrase I ever heard them called is oil warmers. I don't know who along the way started calling them oil burners but that seems to have been what was picked up and repeated the most. The candle in the bottom of the apparatus is burning (it has a flame), but the oil in the bowl on top is being warmed. Another way of viewing it is the candle gets consumed by flame so it burned away, but all the oil is still in the top so it did not burn up.

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Ail has mentioned she uses one of those diffuser fans with pheros sometimes, I guess the kind you can put a little scented pad into or something?

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