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shelly's secret garden


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I can definately smell the carnation. This is fresh and slightly woodsy. Like a fresh green garden in the rain :D



I am so jealous - it didn't come yet... maybe tomorrow. Oh please, oh please. :-)

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I am so jealous - it didn't come yet... maybe tomorrow. Oh please, oh please. :-)


So - the Carnation totally pops on me. Which is awesome.


From scent memory - here is the homage:


The heirloom carnations in my Great Grandma’s garden. As a poor immigrant to this country - this was all the home fragrance she could get. If you didn't grow it - you didn't have it.

The Gardenia I was given to nurse to bloom in a Michigan windowsill. Yal’ll know Gardenia’s and Michigan don’t mix right? Because personally - the fact I got it to bloom several years in a row - a miracle for what was then a novice and teenage gardener.

Lillies - my favorite delivered flower - since Heirloom Carnations are not widely available - and because the DH needs to send them fairly often.


Spicy, green and magic. A gift of memory and a parfumier’s genius.


My greatest thanks.


Of all the three PE's - while I may wear another more (Shelly B's Honeyed Amber and Musk is my suspected winner) I will not treasure anything above this spicy, warm, sweet and green scent.


I could wear it to work every day.


And I might.

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I was a little leery of this because of the lily. It is surprisingly subtle. The carnation and gardenia really come out, the lily is in the background. It almost smells like a watery floral the way the notes dance in and out together.



Felt under the weather so I put this on before bed last night. (Another wonderful idea from the LP boards.) It was nice that every time I woke up feeling not so great, I did so to carnations/gardenia. SB is right - the lily is really in the background - there - but soft.

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I get a combination of greens and florals from this. Like the whole flower has been captured, stems and all. It's a bit tangy like lemon-y to me. Overall it's a little too florally for my liking, but it's ok.

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