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Kim's Cherry Almondine


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I tried this last night and it was everything i wanted, the cherries came out strongest then the almond wrestled it's way forward and the tonka bean and brown sugar gave it a nice bottom. The cherries were not syrupy but fresh and juicy ready to burst goodness.


Later ( about 5hrs later) I got a warm sugary vanilla-ish aroma - ahhhhh



Thank you ladies for my customed sugar - you may have sparked another phase of my LP addiction




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Mmm, I like this one! I was going to pass on it because of the tonka it had, but luckily I don't smell this at all. No offense, I'm just not a fan. But I think I will purchase a full bottle of this stuff, it reminds me of a hot summer day, which I am so ready for right about now!

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Yes, this is reminiscent of that Jergens lotion, but way more delicious019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.com].gif I basically couldn't unglue my nose from my wrist the moment I put it on. It's exactly like tart, gooey cherry pie filling with some sweet almond stirred in there for good measure. Now I wonder if rolling some of this on along with some screaming red lipstick and a pair of bleached cutoffs will have the boys singing she's my cherry pie....

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I love this so much! I especially get the almonds, it reminds me of marzipan with cherry pie filling on top. It makes me feel content and comfortable, I can't stop huffing myself! I got this as a present for Djac and I'm hoarding it now! :lol:


That Jergens lotion sounds divine too... *off to check e-bay*

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I got a bottle of this a while ago, in a trade. (I actually thought I'd already reviewed it, but apparently not).


I was really excited to get a bottle - I love cherries, and cherries usually love me, too. But this was so very strong on me that it gave me a headache no matter how little I used.


I'd set it aside with a few other bottles that will potentially go up for trade at some point in the near future, but thought I'd let my mom go through them first. Of the 8 bottles that are waiting to be put on a trade page, she chose Kim's Cherry Almondine with no hesitation whatsoever. Weird, because since my mom suffers from debilitating migraines which are often triggered by scent, she's generally VERY picky when it comes to perfume. But she really seemed to dig this one, and put it on immediately. I have to say that I think something must have been amping when I wore it myself, because on Mom it smelled lovely. I'm glad it found a new home. :)

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