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We've had a few emails from people who have tried to join our community but did not receive an acceptance letter. This is most likely because the questions in the application were not answered, or not answered in a satisfactory manner. The questions are there to separate the spammers (and there are a LOT of them) from the genuine perfume enthusiasts for whom we are trying to make this forum an enjoyable place.


This is a private forum, not a public one. We love the community we've all made together here. We're happy to welcome new members and see our community grow. If you are having problems getting an approval, make sure you've answered the questions, and in the case of gmail and hotmail clients, you might try registering with a different provider because the majority of the false join requests come from there, and we don't want your application deleted with the spam.


Thank you!

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For people trying to join the forum, we've had a LOT of attempted spam attacks, therefore email providers which are the source of most of the false joining attempts have been blocked. If you are having problems joining the forum PLEASE send us an email so we can sign you up manually. Huge apologies for the inconvenience, but without the blocks we are bombarded with hundreds of automated attempts to join/spam per day. Thanks for your understanding!


Our email address is: CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com

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New Forum Member Rules

Hi everyone, going forward new forum members will only be able to register for a forum account using an email they have previously placed an order from. Non-members will still be able to read all the Review Threads just like always, but will not be able to post on the forum unless they are a verified customer. Unfortunately we have been dealing with an upswing of malicious troll accounts so we have set up this rule to protect our beloved forum community. We welcome and look forward to all future forumites!

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