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Salut and Salaam, here I am


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Howdy ya'll,

I have lurked amongst you for a few weeks, reading up on what everyone had to say about the perfume oils here...perfume afficionado's the lot of you-I feel so at home!

My name is Melodie and I suppose I've loved fragrances since before I could speak. The book 'Perfume' (later-a movie) took fragrance infatuation to a new and deadly level: I'm not like him!!

I am from Montreal, Canada but currently live outside of Calgary, have a 16 month old son and a kind and gentle man who is said tiny man's father and likes to sniff me and ask what I'm wearing.

I lived in Africa and later Saudi Arabia in my teens-Saudi really sent me over the edge into fragrance paradise. I have bottles of unpronouncable oils that remind me of the desert, souks, the heat and the essence of the middle east. Perfumes help to define my moods and augment facets of myself at various moments.

I am in love with 'eau de monteil', it smells like a certain type of suntan oil from overseas and the beach, 'opium' my childhood and still favorite and 'gala loewe', a perfume from spain that is sold in Saudi (so deep dark and intense, like lying in a fragrant garden of dying flowers). Oh, I love nikki de st phalle as well.

Having 'googled' perfumes for awhile I stumbled upon this site; with it's myriad of possibilities for fragrance diversity i thought, "hey, this may be the place for me"!

I have so many designer' scents and tons of oils from saudi, but I still seek the unusual, original and elusive smells not often offered to us commoners. The level of creativity here looks great and I hope to develop a few of my own scents here too, once I figure out how the heck one goes about doing this.

So, salutations fellow perfume addicts!

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Woohoo! Bonjour and welcome aboard cyberianhussy! You've definitely found likened souls, Perfume Fan/Addicts here as well! I love your intro...your descriptions of the scents found living abroad make me want to put on my travellin' shoes...


Since you have sampled real perfume oils there's no need to describe how different the scents here are from alcohol based ones. (Sighs: I had Niki de St Phalle as well once, gorgeous - but did *nothing* on my skin, sadly) Oh, and I've heard the same about the Monteil from others as well - someday I'll have to sample that one!


Please if you have any questions, looking for certain notes or evocative things you're looking for, ask away! There are decant circles and swap lists going on (I'm guessing you've seen those posts) that might be of interest if you don't want to plunge in with full bottles right off...Glad you posted! :)

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:banana006: Welcome! Wade on in and allow us to enable your addiction!

I have a collection of eastern oils, too. Probably nothing like yours, though! I do like some oudh now and then...


Have you ordered yet? I'm dying to find out what you think of LPs - they are quite different from those you mention, and I find they have an identifiable "feel" to them.

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Welcome Welcome fellow Canadian! I am in BC so only a province away!


SO glad that you stumbled on this lil forum. It is always great to have new people who know a thing or too about good perfume. The ladies here in the forum are knowledgeable and friendly. And well the perfume makers, TRUE ARTISTS! Beware of Sinister Girl, she teases and bites hard :) Just kidding, we are anxiously awaiting the descriptions of the new releases for this month and she has been teasing us endlessly lol. AND she is thoroughly enjoying it! :)

Sinister Girl and Potion Masters are the ladies of LP. They are fabulous and make LP Fabulous too!


Welcome again and cant wait to see you around the forum. Feel free to ask questions or make comments in any of the threads. We love helping and hearing others input! :)

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Cyberianhussy, welcome to you!!


Hope you enjoy your new smellies!! And, I look forward to seeing you on the forum!!

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Welcome, welcome, Cyberianhussy!!!


You will love the various creative scents here. Prepare to be addicted. :)

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:love: Angels, thanks for the welcome. I've never joined a forum or chat group before, so glad i chose this one-who'd have thought there was a perfume store that had a forum? Everyone seems so friendly and lovely. I am currently staying at home raising our 16 month old son; my maternity leave finished after a year, my partner and i decided against daycare/homes for now. They are brutally expensive in Alberta, 600-1000$/month, didn't seem to make sense to go back to work and have to put that kind of $$ out on Dom's (our son) child care, and have him get raised partially by someone else.


The point is, I have time on my hands for once in my life and can make my own schedule with Dom. It's nice to be part of this group and be able to do two of my favorite things, delve into gorgeous scents and get to know new people.


Smell On!

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