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I guess i am lucky and got none of that cat pee twang, for me this is mostly grapes. I smell kinda like a grape wine gum with hints of flora. I guess i am a sexy wine gum then. I truly love this one. It was my second full bottle.

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Woo-hoo! This is a PARTY scent! First impression (in vial): fresh and happy.


On my skin, on wet it was a nice, warm, wine scent. On drydown, at first it became a very harsh, dirty (not sexy dirty, just dirt-dirty) almost grapefruit(?) scent--very bitter, and I was getting a little worried! Then it settled down into a more warm, fruity scent. Pretty nice. It's very interesting; I like it. I might consider a full bottle if I came across it on the trade boards. It also has good staying power.


I forgot to say--it made me think of the descriptions of Valhalla--wine, women, and song. Fighting, feasting, drinking, sex.

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