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Which phero to use?

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So here's the problem, I am smart, funny, & have a magnetic personality, but when I'm around my crush I turn into a babbling idiot. Seriously, you would think I'm some ditsy, stupid girl when I'm around him.


I have used Super for Women & I know that I do get self-effects from it, so I'm assuming I will get self-effects from any pheros. I'm sure True Confessions would only make things worse, I'm definitely going to try Intellectual Woman (if only for the self-effects), but I'm also considering Treasured Hearts. Maybe Dominance or Swimming with Sharks, but I don't want to come off as too alpha female, I don't want to scare him away.


Any advice?


Thanks for the help ladies!

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I hadn't even considered that one!


Well, I love Super Sexy....it makes me strut......thats why I have 4 bottles of it......Treasured Hearts is calming and promotoes bonding.....here's a thought......for your self confidence, put a dab of Dominance in your cleavage where you are the mani one huffing it. Then apply Super Sexy, Drop Your Guard, or whatever else the situation calls for on your normal application points, where they can get out there to him....

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Looks like Dolly has given you some great suggestions.


To add to it, I am very much a bumbling idiot at times (talk to much and such :) )


If I were you I'd avoid the true confessions (like you were thinking). I get excessivly crazed chatter. THis can be good if you are in a party situation where you need to feel comfy and chat, even when you dont "feel" like it.


I think a touch of Dom would work nicely. Also, if you find that the sexual pheros make you feel confident and playful that may be good to add.


Have fun and let us know how things work out. :)

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Thanks ladies, I knew you would be able to help me out!


I think I'll try Dom in the cleavage, I don't have any so, I'll have to go get some. :D


Yeah, stuff that you put in your cleavage will waft up to you mostly.....so anything that you want self effects from should be put there.....

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Thanks for the tip Dolly!



You're very welcome, hun! Glad to be of service!

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