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I received (and opened) TWO "times square has sent you a package" emails after placing ONE order, and while I was trying to figure out why the extra (they both looked normal, btw) my laptop went crazy and apparently is suddenly infected with all kinds of god-knows-what and trojans... luckily an IT bud was here right when it happened, he said it was from an email... Thing is, I'd only opened my X2 and stamps links, and this was the first time I'd been online today. So, be extra careful and if you get extra emails I guess--?-- If in doubt don't open em til Mara and Danna let us know WTH is up here... I'm sending an email to them to see if they know what the prob might be.

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Stamps.com doesn't carry spywear or trojans, they are supposed to be one of the most secure email notifications out there.

I'll call them in the AM and let them know tho-thanks for the heads up.


Sometimes they do send dupes, it's a safety precaution in the software.

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