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Cuddle Bunny Goes to the Rock Show

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So I wore Cuddle Bunny tonight for the first time ever to a crowded Detroit rock'n roll show . Medium sized club. Packed to capacity. I had a blast ! I usually do at shows like these. But tonight was special.

First off, during the first band ( which my boy was playing in) a rowdy mosh pit broke out. This is super common gals, think Ramones and New York Dolls style stuff. Mosh pit things happen. But USUALLY I'm thrown or knocked about with no regard at all. I spend alot of time watching bands with a foot dug in to the floor and my elbow angled out to push the wild ones away. TONIGHT though, I had these random protective strangers. One so much so that he stood in front of me to keep me from harm while the girl he was with took a bit of a pounding.

We never spoke to each other. Not this fella or any if the other ones, but there was definetly a difference..

So next I hung out backstage. That IS normal with the boy in the band and all, BUT, when it came time for the headlining act to play everyone backstage got kicked out, and I got invited to watch stageside! That's odd! And that was a blast!

I also got free drinks. Had some good talks with old friends, and good conversation with my own grizzlyman when we got home.

I'm very tired now. But Cuddle Bunny AND Lori

had lots of fun at the rick show tonight. I needs more! Goodnight all! :blushing:

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That's wonderful, Lori!! Congrats, babe, I'm so glad that all went beautifully tonight. More power to ya! :blushing:

This, of course, just reinforces that I'ma hoarding Cuddle Bunny real soon.

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Awww, YAY! :blushing:



Danna went to a rock show tonight too, wearing Sorceress - report tomorrow... and I went out to dinner wearing a discombobulated conglomeration of Teddy Man and Sexology - report tomorrow... 4 am, must sleeeeeep! :)

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I too see why everyone (me included) luvs Cuddle bunny


I wasn't putting nearly enough time into this one but have now discovered it is a must have... I wear this one almost daily with whatever else I am wearing...starting to understand the effects of this really do work...yeah, I am a cuddlebunny lover as well now.

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