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Carolyn's Vanilla, Sandalwood & Spices


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another sample i got with my sugared scent today!

at first i thought i'd have to wipe it off 'cause of the...gack...overpowering clove...

but much to my delight, the clove settled down quickly and i'm left with a tasty scent that makes me almost want to eat my skin.

this smells like a christmas cookie mixed with the best sandalwood incense ever.

warm vanilla and cooking spices against a sandalwood background.

very warm, comforting and with just a hint of sugary sweetness.

this is a tastey one better suited for nights or cool weather.

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I don't get food from this at all. The sandalwood and the spices dance together, the vanilla gives a depth and sweetness. The spice really amps at first, but then that dry sandalwood takes over and melds with the spice. It is REALLY gorgeous, I sleep in it every night!

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This smells wonderful! I'm usually verra nervous about some sandalwood. (I don't think it likes me very much). This was a fantastic blending. The spices were so very good. It's like a shot of sweet spicy warmth. I had to order a bottle. :) What can I say...I'm weak.

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