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Based on a traditional Samhain ritual blend to thank the universe during the change of seasons, and usher in good fortune and plenty for the winter.


Promintent Notes: Apples and Soul Cake, Pumpkins and Oak, Redwood, Fall Leaves, Frankincense and Patchouli.


In the bottle, I get a whiff of creamy caramel, backed by apples.


Wet, the caramel softens and the apples come to the front. These are fresh, crisp apples; not the sticky sweet of apple juice, nor even the turned sharp of cider. The leaves in the background add a different kind of crispness, and it really is like walking down the street on an Autumn day, while you munch on a candied apple.


As the scent dries down, the apples fade, and become just a lovely subtle twist of freshness as the woods and incense come to the front.


I was afraid, from the first burst of caramel, that this scent would too sweet for me. I should have known better. It makes me homesick for real fall weather, and autumn leaves - I can't stop sniffing myself, because it makes me feel that I am there, caught in the magic of the season.


Incense fans will love this, and non-pine woodsy fans probably will too.

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I love apple scents, but not usually apple cider. I had an LE from another company last year that just didn't work for me; it always disappeared inside three hours! I had some reservations about Hallowtide, and I am ashamed to admit that it was the art--the cute witchy with her high-heeled boots--that actually suckered me into trying this one. *blush*


WOW. I'm glad I did. The staying power of this one is closer to six hours. It is NOT just apple cider; instead more complex, a touch darker, and more mysterious. There's a lovely thread of patchouli in the blend that sets it apart--and usually I can't do patchouli at all! I've used about half my sample so far, and I'm seriously thinking about a bottle. While this is a perfect Halloween-themed scent, I feel like I could wear it all winter long. It's also compatible with the Autumn Equinox LE; after a long day at work--and lately I've had a LOT of long days at work!--I can "touch up" with a little of Autumn Equinox without clashing.


So to sum up . . . My favorite cider scent ever. The red-haired witchy's boots did not lead me astray. :(


Of course, now I want to buy some shoes . . .

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This is a lovely autumn scent, much milder than I'd expected. It's very well-blended, and no particular note predominates on my skin. I get a hint of caramel, a mild apple cider, some sweetness and a little warmth. My skin eats this scent, however, because it melts right in and fades fast on me. It will be a good daytime/work scent, though.

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yes, this scent does change from sweet apple to a cleaner crisper apple once it dried on my skin. To me, it's very subtle, 'clean' comes to mind. It does the same thing on me as it does to Poenari. The apple doesn't dominate at all on me, just gives this scent it's clean smell. very much a daytime fragrance.

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