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Betrothal Potion


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I ordered it off Etsy, one of the last three, but John then told me it was no longer available and offered a refund or swap. Then I noticed on Etsy that it said "This item is no longer available." rather than "This item has been sold." So, is it coming back? I noticed Vampire Bait replaced it in the Woman's sampler. I compared many floral samples before selecting a swap and I think I actually like Vampire Bait better. So, that sort of assuaged my disappointment of it being no longer available. But if it came back, I might reconsider. It was the first LP floral I ever tried when I got my sampler, so it is sentimental to me. :Emoticons04231:

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Hi SirenSong,

I do want to keep this one as a staple, but I realized with this one, as well as Merlin's Blend and a few others, that in the years since I originally created them, I have actually had to replace every single ingredient as the original ones are no longer available. And instead of just replacing ingredients, when I get the chance, I want to reblend and rebalance them from scratch to achieve the original feel. There's a few old loves that I have had to cease going back to the original recipes and must write new ones, and this is the case with Betrothal. I'll relaunch it soon, promise. :)

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