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PheroGirl & Rocket Fuel

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I've worn a combo the last few days with the lads of the Air ambulance that scentwise is one of my fave's... I pretty much slather on Mara's Rocket Fuel (well, it's a decent amount but not bucketloads), add a few dabs of PheroGirl and layer a bit of LP Original on top... I just LOVE the scent of this combo!


One of the pilots has given me quite a bit of attention, always smiling, looking at me and tends to be quite keen to sit next to me whenever he can... I didn't think much of it as I just assumed it was him thinking I was the cutest girl on base...and that's not hard, on most shifts I'm pretty much the only female :blue_dancing_banana: I figured the phero's might boost that a bit too, but today I realised it may be a bit more than him just thinking I'm cute. I'm thinking he's been talking to the other guys about me when I'm not around ;) This morning when I arrived he asked if I'd join him to get the chopper out & prepping it for the day. This usually involves taxing it out of the hangar and either taxing the 100 yards to the helipad ("Chopper parkingspace") or doing a 20 sec up & down flight over to the helipad...Today he says he's just going to "let her stretch her rotors a bit" and do a few laps around the air port to do a few routine checks...So I jump in and he's VERY helpful in getting my strapped in, leaning over me fiddling with the buckles :rolleyes: Then when we take off I hear the guys in control give us the all clear (I'm also wearing a headset in my helmet so I hear everything over the radio that the pilot hears)...and they go; "Romeo & Juliet are clear for take off! Hmmm...normally my radio name is Medic 5-3 and the pilot (being airforce and not a medic) goes by his last name...and that aint Romeo! So we take the chopper for a BIG loop around the airport and land at the helipad... As we get out of the chopper the pilot looks at me and with an apologetic smile says "Well that's all I was allowed to do, they wouldn't let me do a longer run or bring Champagne & strawberries" :surprised: What the? Where did that come from? And why on earth would he even ask if he could do that? We aren't dating, not to mention the fact that it's an Air Ambulance chopper not a bloody "rent a romantic champagne breakfast charter chopper"!


I'm thinking I'm going to ease up on the phero's...keep going with the Rocket Fuel because I love it so, but maybe I'll drop the PG and add some Intellectual Woman instead <_< Don't want him to get too excited or interested, I'm trying to get my TG on the hook not the pilot guy...

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Wowwwww, great story. Hmmm, I'd go for the guy that can fly. Any day. Heh.


You can have him if you want :blue_dancing_banana: It's not that he's not a great guy, he is. He's funny, quite cute and all that, it's just that all I have eyes for is my TG ;) He's a bit juvenile too with his courting...keeps making fun of how much I eat, calls me a bony arse and made fun of the fact that I insisted my weigh-in with gear on was 63kgs...(I was only adding a wee bit to the actual number!)...He's acting a bit like a 7 year old chasing the girl he likes around the playground, pulling her hair!



I know he isn't doing it out of spite or in a mean way, it's always with a joking smile and a poke, but just like most bigger women don't like to be called fat, I'm a bit sensitive about my weight being low even though I usually don't show people that it does hurt my feelings or annoy me when they make fun of me. It's not really his fault though, he doesn't know me well enough to know that it is a bit of a touchy subject :rolleyes:

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