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Winter Snow Blossom


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"Snow-frosted Dogwood Blossoms and subtly sweet fruit make up this icy treat."


Trying Winter Snow Blossom in honor of the year's first snowfall. This is incredible! (And has great, true staying power without being heavy.)

I'm smelling:


Wild berries dusted with holiday cookie confectior's sugar...

That "breath of clean snow" note that I have no idea what it is, (Something similar is in LP White, maybe?) like sniffing something sweet through very cold air.


I really hope this sticks around for a while. I'm in love.


edit: Oh, no. This is an endangered oil! :) Only two trial vials left

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I love my sample of this, I got it as an extra a while back. I thought it might be too floral for me, but it's so pretty! Hard to describe, but it sort of smells like a very lightly spiced floral with a candy and sweet effervescent note. I love that fruity effervescent note, I think is the lovely lychee and ice notes that are doing it. Different and a really lovely scent!

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